oor is a ORM Framework by NodeJs, Support PostgreSql now. And Elastic Search & MySql with two months.

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  1. High performance 🚀。
  2. Code is Type, Type is Code, Code is Schema!
  3. Easy API. (Only 3 Usage Topic at left menu)
  4. Builtin Magic Suffix📍. Save your time and code lines.
  5. Support PagitionQuery, MagicSuffixQuery, CoditionQuery(Very Strong).
  6. Common business : Ignore Column, Logical Delete, Date Marker.
  7. Support Elastic Search, Same API with SQL!


Not Joking, This lib has some shortage, be careful to choose!

  1. It's a personal project, I do not have enough time to maintain.
  2. Only support PostgreSql, Elastic Search, MySql, no plan to support others.
  3. Not support some features eg. Join, One to Many.
  4. The end entity is a plain object , Not rich object.
  5. It's difficult to generation openapi/swagger document for Query, because is too flexible.

Author Says:

Do not waste time to continue if you scruple of above, Thank you.